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Ways To Grow And Maintain A Beard


Ways To Grow And Maintain A Beard

The most commonly asked question for all men is how they can grow a beard. All of us don’t have a perfect beard gene, but by maintaining our beard we can make it look quite intriguing. It is not necessary that a beard is going to make you appealing. There are men who look equally good without a beard. But a beard is just an accessory that makes you look better. So let’s just get to our point, which is growing a beard and maintaining it in a proper way.

1.The first and foremost thing is to let your beard grow. Just don’t shave.

2. Notice and understand your beard pattern. Not all men have the same beard pattern or the same density and volume of beard. Understand your own pattern and by following that grow that beard.

3. Moisturize your beard daily. You may use beard oil or different brands of beard moisturizer. If you can’t get your hands​on these, you can also use vegetable oil which is derived from seeds, nuts or kernels.

4. Don’t forget to wash your beard. Try to wash it on a daily basis with any brand of organic soap.

5. Use a trimmer or a trimming scissor to shape your beard.

6. Cut the edges of your beard weekly.

7. Comb your beard hair. You may carry a small hair comb to comb your beard.

Here are some of the basics for growing and maintaining a perfect beard. Now you’ll be able to show your beard off and get all those beautiful senoritas​ around.

Tajwar Ahmed


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