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Top 5 Men Clothing Stores in Bangladesh (Personal Opinion)


Top 5 Men Clothing Stores in Bangladesh (Personal Opinion)

Top 5 Men Clothing Stores in Bangladesh (Personal Opinion)

Clothing stores are everywhere, but most men may complain about the lack of top-notch clothing stores for them. But don’t worry guys, we are here to help you. As men, we maintain very few bonds with a very few clothing stores to buy our clothes. We also may lack the patience of going to different stores to buy necessary clothes.
So in this article, I talk about some of my elected favorite clothing stores for men’s shopping in Bangladesh.


Sailor is a store that has all you need. From printed T-shirts to Panjabis, from belts to shoes, all of your needs are in one place. If you are someone like me who wants to keep pace with the newest trends, then Sailor is the perfect option for you. Because not only are their Panjabis of the best designs and qualities but also their suits, blazers, and jackets draw everyone’s attention towards the person wearing it.


If you are really unsure of what to wear for any upcoming formal event, then don’t lose hope this easily. Richman has one of the finest formal collections ever. Richman is one of the classiest clothing stores in our country. Their clothes symbolize the perfect fit with a perfect color gradient.


Yellow symbolizes the color of sunshine, hope, and happiness. And trust me this clothing store will never fail to make you happy in terms of perfect attire. They have a very distinct variety of clothes including sweaters, jackets, shirts, patterned shirts and t-shirts. For this winter, my personal favorite would be their jackets which are pretty edgy to wear.


The perfect place for college or university students. If you are someone who is always on a tight budget, then I would suggest you give a look into Plaire. They offer simple and elegant men’s wear at reasonable prices, including a diverse collection to choose from.


Dorjibari is the place to go whenever you need to a buy a Panjabi. They have a sort of classical and cultural mixed collection with a wide range of colors to choose from. If you are willing to buy a Panjabi, then you should definitely pay a visit to Dorjibari.

Check out these 5 stores the next time you feel lost while shopping. And stay tuned with Tajwarah to get more fashion updates.

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