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Top 5 Grooming Habits All Men Must Conquer


Top 5 Grooming Habits All Men Must Conquer

We all know that a well groomed man is far more attractive than an unkempt man. A groomed man looks clean and confident. It’s not necessary for us to stay groomed all the time but to get to that level of ultra-sexy perfect man, we have to be well groomed. Here are top 5 grooming habits men must conquer to be a guy all girls dream about.

1. Nasty Nails:

Nasty nails are a real turnover. We all are to cut and keep our nails clean and trimmed. Having nasty nails makes anyone assume your personality to be nasty and pessimistic.



2. Not Having a Skin Care Routine:

What is the first thing anyone notices about a person? Yes, it’s the face. Therefore it becomes essential for every men to take care of their skin. If you don’t want to look unappealing at first sight or even have a loose and dry skin later on, then you’re definitely going to need a good skin care routine. Your skin care routine has to include a few products and you have to use them in a daily basis following a certain routine according to your skin type. Your skin care products should include exfoliator to remove your dead skin cells. Moreover products containing antioxidants must be used to stimulate collagen and increase cell turnover.

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3. Keeping a man bush around the pubes:

There are a different types of people in this world including some maintaining an Amazon around their pubes. Its high time for them to trim that down and let their inner tiger roar.

4. Not taking care of unibrows:

As men some of us may have a unibrow. So it’s good to get rid of that unibrow. It makes you look more clean and attractive. The most common mistake that everyone does is shaving or trimming them. Please never ever do that. Just pluck them, smooth and easy.

You do know her!

5. Growing Your Beard Wild:

People who love to embrace their beard the way it is, let it grow wild in its natural way. It’s better to tame your beard by simply trimming it or cutting the edges. Keeping your beard according to your face shape will make you look more elegant and confident. You can also use some beard oil to make your beard look even better.

Wild Beard on Process

So these are the five basic grooming habits we all great men must conquer to get those beautiful señoritas.

Tajwar Ahmed

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