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Sunglasses According To Your Face Shape


Sunglasses According To Your Face Shape

We all know that glasses should enhance our face. It’s really important to select a proper glass according to your face shape either for your visionary problem or just for being trendy. Glasses come in different shapes, colors, sizes, and materials. So, how do you realize which one suits you the best? Well, here is a solution to choose the right shape of glasses according to your face shape.

Confirm your face shape: At first look into the mirror. Outline the shape of your face with a marker or a lipstick. After you’re done, step back and study the shape you just drew. You may also read the article on ‘5 Types Of Face Shape‘ .

Oval Face Shape

We all appreciate the beauty of Kate Middleton. If your forehead, jaw, and chin are all proportionate, you have an oval face shape just like the Duchess of Cambridge. And that is your great advantage. You can put up almost any shapes of frames. Who doesn’t love to experiment different shapes of frames? Pretty much every glasses will suit you up. But you better try to avoid oversized frames. The Invisible Girl, Jessica Alba herself owns this face shape as well.

Round Face Shape

If you’ve full cheeks, a soft chin line and forehead, you’re the adorable circle. Just like Mila Kunis or Emma Stone. For your face shape, look for glasses with strong angular shapes or rectangular frames. So, try to avoid circular glasses.

Rectangle Face Shape

Let’s say you have a strong jaw but your face is longer than wide. That means you have a rectangular face shape which is similar to the shape of Lady Gaga. Play against your facial contrast. Similar to the square face shape, try curvy and oval glasses. Contrast your bold feature by avoiding rectangular shapes.

Square Face Shape

Let’s have a look at Rihanna as well as Natalie Portman. If you have a strong jawline and bright forehead just like them, you’re a square. Square is considered to be very high fashioned. A gorgeous face shape like yours will appreciate glasses that are softer and rounder. Look for glasses that will sit high on your nose. This will lengthen your face.

Diamond Face Shape

If you have a nerve forehead and jawline just like the precious stone, you’re a diamond. You can play up your delicate feature with the fun cat eye and oval shapes. The way Scarlett Johansson and Vanessa Hudgens do. Frames that will suit up will also emphasize your cheekbones. Please try to avoid box-shaped straight across frames because that might hide your cheeks.

Tips :

1. Make sure your frames are not hiding your cheeks. You wouldn’t like your smile getting hidden.

2. Nose pads are really a great way to make sure if your frames fit in. You might not want to have any doubt about your look.

Again, have fun while exploring different experiences being sassy and classy at the same time. If you like the guideline, don’t forget to share this on Facebook and other social media websites. Stay with TAJWARAH for further updates.

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