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How To Stay Chic On a Rainy Day


How To Stay Chic On a Rainy Day

How To Stay Chic On a Rainy Day

As we all can see, rainy season is here. Well, though some people find the rainy season to be invigorating and amusing most of the fashion and makeup lovers out there would disagree. Almost every year we girls face this “almost fashion disaster” season that we so dearly know as the monsoon. Now hold on, I did say ‘almost’. So obviously there’s a way out of this problem. Let us find out what it is, shall we? We all know the basic drill here-

No to whites, Yes to bright and dark colors, No to leather accessories, Yes to plastic, rubber and fabric ones, No to shiny and creamy products, Yes to matte and waterproof skin products.


Moving on to choosing what type of fabric to wear is pretty important although some people don’t seem to realize it. Go for light weighted fabric this monsoon, like cotton, silk or any other fabric that dries up quickly. Heavy ones like types of denim tend to get heavier when they get wet. These will also stick to your skin and cause irritation. Now you don’t want that, do you? As an alternative to denim pants, wear cotton tights or shorts. If you’re wearing a kameez then a palazzo or a pant styled pajama that ends a few inches above your heels should do just fine. Stay away from long and loose pajamas as these can easily get dirty and spoil your look.


Leather ones and flip flops can be replaced by waterproof rubber sandals and flat heels. These are available almost everywhere these days. Choose the ones which can be kept tightly secured to your feet. These shoes are fashionable and easily matches with any outfit you wear. 

Another thing that a lot of people don’t know is that wearing metal jewelry on a rainy day can cause rashes and irritation. It is better to avoid them and go for jewelry made of plastic and beads. Fabric chokers and bracelets are also trending nowadays. 

Last but not the least-never apply heavy makeup on a rainy day. Using matte products is a must, but layers of makeup will ruin your look no matter how much matte and waterproof it promises to be, a light and natural look using bb cream, setting powder, waterproof mascara, matte lipstick and an undertoned bronzer will go a long way on such a day.try avoiding kajal, even waterproof ones. This light makeup routine will keep you looking fresh and natural all day and your makeup will not get runny. If you’re heading out for the whole day then you should definitely keep some blotting papers and a compact powder in your bag. Just one tiny little thing left to do and you’ll be ready to set out. Slip a small sized umbrella in your bag, cause obviously, you wouldn’t want a bit of drizzling to ruin your whole look.

Do that and you’re good to go. See? Being a chic isn’t that hard even when it’s pouring outside.

Sumaiya Akter

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