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Reviving Old Sarees


Reviving Old Sarees

As girls, we are forever fascinated by our mother’s collection of sarees. We love trying things from their closet and eyeing their sarees. Some of us have already decided upon which one we’ll take once they are done with it. Besides our mothers and grandmothers have many old sarees that are too precious to be thrown away. So before they get thrown away grab those sarees and revive them into fabulous! If you’re looking for some inspiration to spice up your home and wardrobe this Eid, then we’re here to give you some ideas how you can reuse those sarees. Here are some creative ways on how you can repurpose any kind of old saree:

Re-style It

You can change old sarees in such a way that they look like absolutely new sarees. For example- if the old border is damaged then you can add new borders on the saree and then wear it. You can also use the old border in a new saree and design it as you wish. A half and half saree can be made by combining the designs of two sarees.

Ornas and Scarves

Cut up your sarees and turn them into a pretty printed scarves or ornas that you can wear with any outfit. You can wear it with a plain kameez or top to glam up your look. Keep in mind to make scarves from lighter sarees.

Long Kameez or Dresses

Make a straight cut Pakistani style salwar kameez from your saree or a long dress to add that authentic twist. It is easy to make a floor length kameez or dress out of a saree as the length of a whole saree is six to seven yards.

Kurtis or Tops

If you love wearing tops, shirts or kurtis then you can change up your style by making one from an old saree. Get creative while making one and add a few fabrics here and there.


Making skirts is possibly the easiest way to reuse old sarees while still maintaining their beauty. Ethnic box pleat skirts can be made from silk sarees while georgette or regular sarees can be used to make pretty maxi skirts. Pair up your skirt with any top of your choice and you’re good to go!


You can also transform your old saree into a stunning jacket or over-coat. Wearing sleeveless over-coats over kurtis, dresses has become quite a trend these days. Any stunning over-coat made from a classic saree will look grand over plain kurtis or shirts.


If you can use your old sarees as skirts, then you can definitely make palazzo pants form them. Sarees which have thick borders can be transformed into palazzos. Team them up with crop tops, long kurtis and even tunics to add that extra factor to your attire.


Choose a soft, cotton saree and turn it into a fancy curtain or window shield. It not only looks culturally aesthetic but also adds an antique look to the room. So tell your mom to make some curtains from those old sarees of hers!
Hang It Up

Sometimes you can use a saree to make a beautiful wall décor. If you don’t want to use the entire saree, then cut out the unique pieces of pattern and frame them to arrange into your wall. This will give an ethnic feel to the whole room.

Cushion Covers

Always wanted a cushion/pillow cover that makes your room look a palace? Then choose a saree which you want to convert in a cover. This suits both round and square cushions.

Bag It

A sophisticated and ethnic bag is an accessory that every girl wants to own. So why not get your own bag made if you’re always in need of new one? Use a part of the saree to make little shiny bags and pouches for yourself. All you need is some reference images, your tailor and you’re good to go! Add a few tassels and stones to add a girly touch.

Decorative Accessories

If you have different accessories in your house that need a little bling to it, then it is time use an old saree. You can wrap some of the cloth off your saree and use it onto your jewellery, or wrap some on your bangles with a hot glue. 

Another way to use sarees is to make Laptop and Mobile Cases.


Here are a few ways you can reuse your old sarees and make some fabulous things for yourself this Eid. Hope you girls find this useful!

Salwa Khair

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