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Prison Break Resurrection: The Breakout Return


Prison Break Resurrection: The Breakout Return

So most of us loved Fox’s action-crime thriller “Prison Break” (2005-2009). The final episode of season 4 (titled as “The Final Break”) ended with Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) sacrificing himself by being the electric conduit to free his wife Sarah(Sarah Wayne Callies). Later on Sarah and Lincoln Burrows(Dominic Purcell), Michael’s elder brother, find the tape where Michael explained why he had to sacrifice himself for Sarah and for their upcoming baby. In the end we see all the characters having a good ending to their story except for T-Bag(Robert Knepper) who was back in Fox’s River Penitentiary. Burrows was running the scuba shop with Sofia (Danay Garcia), Sucre (Amaury Nolasco) is finally back with his family, Mahone (William Fichtner) is moving on with FBI officer Lang, Sarah living with her son, Mike Jr- it was the perfect ending.
 However the show was renewed after a break of 7 long years. Season 5 aired on April, 2017. It isn’t easy for any show to make a good comeback after that long of a break, but Prison Break made a really good comeback after 7 long years. 7 years have passed since Michael killed himself, Sarah moved on and married another guy, Jacob(Mark Feuerstein). Burrows is back in the streets running from Abruzzi’s son, C-Note(Rockmond Dunbar), who changed his lifestyle and became a Muslim. T-Bag got released from Fox river and finds out that Michael is still alive, in a prison in Yemen. This starts the chain of events which eventually leads Burrows and C-Note going there and finding Michael in that prison, but in a different name, Kaniel Outis. Later on we find out that Kellerman didn’t have the authority to clear everyone’s slate as he exonerated everyone back in last season. Poseidon forced Michael to work for him otherwise everyone would go back to prison. So Michael had to fake his own death in order to work for Poseidon and save his family. The first 2-3 episodes don’t say much other than everyone finding out Michael is still alive in Yemen and Burrows and C-Note going to Yemen to find him with the help of Sheba(Inbar Lavi).
Poseidon is a rouge CIA operative who wants to free terrorists, rogue agents, criminals from jail and he needs Michael’s brilliant brain to do so. Michael can’t come back home because Poseidon had already framed him of killing a senior CIA official, Gaines. Michael breaks out Abu Ramal, ISIL terrorist for Poseidon. Eventually Sarah finds out that his husband, Jacob is actually Poseidon. Jacob also takes her child, Mike Jr. as hostage to stop Michael from coming at him. But in the end we see the genius mind of Michael Scofield outsmarts Jacob as Michael brilliantly frames Jacob for the crime he actually committed and framed Michael. He even breaks into Jacob’s office(which only he has access to) and spills Gaines’s blood, the blood he had stored for all these years, all over his office. Poseidon is then arrested and taken into Fox’s river and thanks to Michael, T-Bag turns out to be his cellmate. I’ll come back to T-bag’s character in a while.
The entire storyline for this season was really good. I mean season 4 ended in somewhat a complete way, but season 5 gave that complete story a great finishing touch. All the characters that we saw from season 1 get settled with their lives. Michael, Lincoln and their families are free again. It’s a perfect way to end the season. Season 6 has not been confirmed yet, but honestly speaking, I don’t think it’s necessary. They’ve put an pragmatic end to the story. Sarah was really good this season. Seeing C-Note in a bigger role is also appreciable. I always felt this character was heavily underrated. Wentworth Miller has definitely improved and his acting has gotten much better. And the iconic duo of Dominic and Wentworth is truly amazing. These guys do so well together. They’re also working together in CW’s hit show “Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow” (Captain Cold and Heatwave) portraying criminal partners. Seeing them working as a team is just a treat to the eyes. As this season was short (9 episodes), it didn’t have any unnecessary scenes or plot holes.
Now coming to T-Bag, this is where I felt this season fell short. We all know he’s a murderer, a sexual predator. He portrayed somewhat a villainous role in the past 4 seasons. But this season he was totally different. In the beginning of episode 1, we see his punishment was over, he was free. Later he finds out someone named Kaniel Outis donated 1 million dollars to him for getting a prosthetic arm. Afterwards we see him approaching Sarah to help her find Michael as he wanted to know how he was involved in this. We see T-Bag find out that Jacob isn’t what he says he is and gives Sarah the news. He even went to Kellerman to find answers about Poseidon. With the help of Michael, T-Bag finally gets to meet his son, Whip, who helped Michael to break out of Ogygia Prison. However in the final showdown between Michael and Poseidon, things get heated up and A&W shoots Whip. T-Bag loses it and kills her which eventually sends him back to Fox River.
Here I felt T-Bag deserved a better ending to his story than going back to Fox River and torturing Poseidon for taking his son away from him. He was finally clean, he just met his son. The writers could’ve ended his story in a better way by showing him getting settled and starting a new life. Whip was like the only one thing that was real T-Bag’s life. It would’ve been really great to see T-Bag finally choosing the right path and living the rest of life with his son.
Another thing I feel I should add is LJ, Lincoln’s son. We saw him in season 1,2,3, and some parts of season 4. But we actually see no sign of him in this season. He just vanishes. They don’t even mention him this season. This doesn’t make sense, they should’ve brought LJ at least in the final scene where we see Michael and Lincoln talking about their lives and sharing a couple of smiles. 
Overall even with the minor setbacks, Prison Break season 5 is a pragmatic end to the story. It all started with Michael getting into prison to break out his innocent brother and it ended with everyone becoming free and settling with their respective lives. There will be arguments that a new season after such a long time wasn’t necessary at all. I’m a huge fan of this show and when season 5 was first announced, I also got worried that it won’t live upto expectations and might ruin the complete ending season 4 had. But season 5 made a really good comeback after 7 long years and gave a nice finishing touch to that complete ending. And hey, it’s always a pleasure to see our favorite characters returning. A nice ride down memory lane I’d say. I’d personally give this season a rating of 8.5 out of 10. Thanks to Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller, we were able to see our favorite characters one more time as they are actually responsible for the creation of 5th season. So kudos to them for making it happen.
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