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All You Need To Know About Nostril Piercing


All You Need To Know About Nostril Piercing

Piercing is a fancy thing to add to your look and it’s basically just about creating and MAINTAINING a hole in your body. A tiny hole of course. But this small piercing can cause a lot of trauma and trouble if you don’t know how to properly take care of it. We are here to dilute all your misconceptions about nostril piercing and make the journey easier for you.
The nostril is one of the most common places to pierce and it’s one of the easiest to take care of. So let’s break some myths:

1. It hurts a lot:

No it doesn’t. Unless you have the least pain tolerance and a lot of fear, you mostly won’t even know when the pierce happened as most of the piercers these days use a numbing gel or spray before actually piercing.

2. Summer and heat will cause infection:

No it won’t. As long as you take care of it properly, nothing will cause infection.

3. You shouldn’t pierce before marriage and piercing in the right nostril is bad:

Whenever you hear myths like these, take a deep breath and think about what could happen if you pierce before marriage. Nothing, right? Nothing will happen except for you having more confidence about your decision and loving yourself.

4. Piercing from the salon is more likely to cause infection than from a Doctor:

As long as you choose a good salon with professional workers, salon is the cheaper, easier and good way to pierce.

5. You should put rubbing alcohol and ointments to heal the pierce quickly:

Never in your imagination should you do that. The stereotypical ointments that the salons suggest as well as the rubbing alcohol inflame the skin and dry it out. It would prolong the healing process and make the situation worse.
Now, if you have finally made up your mind to get a nostril piercing, here are the answers to some common questions to help your journey-

1. Which salon to choose for your nostril piercing?

For this matter, choose any reputed salon and first ask them about their process of doing it. If you hear that they use rubbing alcohol (aka Hexisol/Germisol in Bangladesh) for cleanliness, the piercer wears gloves, uses numbing solution to ease your pain— that salon is hygienic for you to choose.

2. What is the initial process?

A good piercer would firstly ask you where you want to get pierced and mark the spot. If you are satisfied with the placement the next step would be choosing your jewellery. He will then inquire about the jewellery you want to start with (note that in Bangladesh, piercers firstly provide their own jewellery as the gun fits them). The process will be done within a few seconds if you keep still and the piercer is most likely to use a numbing gel/foam to ease the pain.

3. For how long should I wear the jewellery provided by the salon?

You should wait for at least 3 days to go back to the salon and replace the pierce with your metal. 3 days in minimum as the piercing needs a little time to heal itself. But, you shouldn’t wait for more than 7 days to go and replace it with your metal jewellery as the stainless studs that most piercers provide are most likely to cause infection as they are less hygienic to use.

4. Which metal to choose as nostril jewellery?

Titanium and 24k Gold are your best options for a healing nostril pierce. You should keep in mind that these jewelleries are not much expensive and they will help with the healing process.

5. Which metals to stay away from?

You should stay away from silver jewellery and any alloys, as these contain a good amount of nickel in them and most people catch an allergic reaction to nickel. Piercing your nostril is a sensitive issue and you shouldn’t risk any infectious matter.

6. What kind of jewellery to choose?

As a beginner, stud (aka Bone) and hoops are the best options to put in your nostril as these cause less sensitivity and are easier to change.

7. How long does it take to heal?

Depending on your body, the piercing may take 6-8 weeks to heal. You should not take out or change your nose pin in this healing process. Taking out your jewellery before it completely heals can cause it to close within 12-24 hours. Changing the jewellery before healing can cause irritation and infection.

8. What to do in case it pains?

Having a bit of pain is very normal as it’s a hole in your body. Your body will reciprocate by some kind of throwback. But it’s very easy to deal with. Have a good amount of vitamin C daily and before going to sleep, get an antibiotic medicine. This will eliminate and ease the pain for you.

After care for your nostril piercing

It is very important to properly take care of your nostril pierce until it has totally healed. You should clean your nostril pierce twice daily as it makes it easier to heal and less likely to cause infection. To clean the pierce:
1. Make a mixture of non-iodized salt (sea salt) and distilled warm water. Take one fourth of a teaspoon of salt and 1 cup of water. Mix them well to make your saline solution.
2. Take your saline solution in a bowl and dip your nose in it for about 10 minutes. Note that this much time is essential to wash the area. Or, Grab your spoon and take the solution. Drip it along the pierce and make sure the water gets into the nostril area. The solution should come in contact with the pierce as it will heal it along the way.
3. Clean the piercing no more or no less than twice a day. Remember, over washing could also cause infection.
So, what are you even waiting for? Go and get that piercing done and take a selfie wearing a beautiful matching nosepin. Happy Piercing.
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