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Let’s know about ‘Rehman’s InTru Beauty’


Let’s know about ‘Rehman’s InTru Beauty’

Rehman’s InTru Beauty, was started on April 2017, by Farzana Tasnim Rehman, who’s motto was to combine the recipes of ancient women and a little modern technology. This idea of hers has slowly grown into the best handmade organic selling products that anyone has ever known. This is a place where you will get everything that is hand made with love and absolutely chemical free. Not to forget that it’s nature inspired.
They came up with two products for now which is effective and already loved by many. The first product that was developed was a Hair Oil which is named as the “Hairgician”. An interesting name you’d say. This hair oil will do its magic on your hair when applied to. It is made with a combination of herbs, wild flowers and raw oils. With a light fragrance it is the answer to every hair related problem. This hair oil reduces hair fall, increases hair growth, makes the hair root strong, reduces dandruff and itchy scalp, makes your hair thick, healthy and 2x voluminous. Brings back life to dull hair and repairs your hair every time it gets damaged by the harmful pollution, sun ray or heat. You can say it is the perfect food to feed your hair.

The second product that they have is the “GoGlow pack”. A powder like pack that is mixed with water, raw milk, rose water. It definitely makes your skin look healthy, soft, smooth and glowy. It lightens up acne marks and helps the open pores to close down. Cleans dirt and excess oil from face and moisturizes it at the same time. Besides this pack heals your skin that is being damaged by sun ray and pollution or any other chemical products.

Rehman’s InTru Beauty have came up with these two which have already become a hot favorite among many girls. They are definitely planning to bring more products that will complete all your skin care needs. So go and check out their products. You won’t be disappointed.

Farzana Tasnim Rehman

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