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Last Minute Eid Panjabi Shopping Guide


Last Minute Eid Panjabi Shopping Guide

As Ramadan comes to an end, the anticipation for Eid is slowly building. Even though Eid is just around the corner, many people (especially men) have been putting off on their shopping for various reasons. So that’s why most of us have to buy our clothes in the last minute by rushing to the malls. You can still shop smartly if you know where to go even in the last moment. So read on for our top picks for last minute shopping.


Panjabi is the most essential attire for Eid. One cannot think of Eid day without an elegant piece of panjabi and pajama. Panjabi inherits our individual style and tradition. But buying a panjabi at the last minute can be both confusing and costly. It can be really tough for you to decide which one to buy for this Eid as there are lots of variations to choose from. Here are some tips which may come in handy for you:

1. You can buy any color Panjabi but blue, maroon and black colors will steal the show. These colors never get old. If you have had a Punjabi of any of these colors before, you may try the shades of these colors or other vibrant colors according to your choice.

2. Buying a kabli style panjabi can also be a really smart choice when buying in the last minute.

3. You can find good and stylish punjabis at places like Kay Kraft, Plaire, Yellow, Sailor, Noir, Gentlemen’s Wardrobe, Sartorial for your last minute Eid shopping. You may visit any one of them. These stores all offer a rich collection of clothes at reasonable prices.


A Punjabi is always incomplete without a proper pajama. If you’re confused about matching your pajama with your Punjabi, then don’t worry. You can always pair your Panjabi with a white one. This color goes with all color palettes of Punjabi and won’t ever disappoint you. If you’re a little too concerned about matching your outfit, then you can find good pajamas from Aarong, Sailor, Plaire and Yellow. If you are on a tight budget, then New Market is the place for you. 

Sandals or Loafers:

To complete your outfit, you can buy a sandal or a loafer. For this Eid you can try buying a Tassel Loafer. These are trendy and will complete your attire. Pay a visit to stores like Dhaka Boot Barn, Sailor, Noir and Ecstasy for buying trendy and exclusive sandals and loafers as they have a wide range of shoes to choose from.

So, here you go with a complete guide for shopping your Eid attire at the last minute. So if you haven’t done your shopping yet, then read this article and do it quickly. Best of luck and a very happy Eid Mubarak to all of you.

Blogger Courtesy: Minimal Mudassir

Wardrobe Courtesy: Gentleman’s Wardrobe, Sartorial, Dhaka Boot Barn, Aazuba

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