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Inception: Dream vs Reality


Inception: Dream vs Reality

Just when you thought Christopher Nolan couldn’t follow up “The Dark Knight“, he does it again, delivering another masterpiece. Questioning Dreams Vs Reality makes a film weird, but Nolan grips our attention like an iron claw that we just can’t help watching and wondering what will happen next. It deals with something we all do, DREAM. Inception is really deep on how dreams work and the mechanics of it all, including how the things in the real world affect the dreams, which
is really fulfilling as a psychological thriller. I mean honestly, Nolan makes the workings of the subconscious so pragmatic in this movie that you’ll think this guy has a Ph.D on psychology! Undoubtedly he is one of the most brilliant directors of recent time.
Cobb (DiCaprio), a thief, who extracts valuable ideas and informations from a person by entering their dreams and sells it to the highest bidder. Arthur (Joseph Gordon), his partner, helps him to steal those confidential informations. Cobb asks Saito (Ken Watanabe), a very affluent guy, about where he keeps his safe full of his secrets, so that Cobb could steal the information. Later we see they were inside a dream (actually, a dream inside a dream) as Cobb tries to manipulate Saito because
a persons conscious defense is lowered when he’s asleep. But their mission falls apart as Mal (Marion Cotillard), a projection of Cobb’s dead wife, sabotages the mission. Her backstory is that she killed herself because she thought the world she lives in was just another dream, and she needs to
wake up from that dream by killing herself. Before killing herself, Mal filed a letter to her lawyer stating Cobb threatened to kill her. She thought this would save Cobb from the guilt of leaving his children and force to kill himself too. So that he could stay with Mal in the world she thinks was real. Ultimately,
Mal killed herself and Cobb’s been on the run since then. He neither can return home nor see his children.
Arthur & Cobb jumps to their first stage of dream from the second with a kick and then wakes up to run away before Saito wakes up and realizes everything. However, Saito ultimately learns about extraction and makes a deal with Cobb, he will clean Cobb’s slate as Cobb was framed of killing his wife and he can’t return home to his children. In exchange, Cobb has to give Saito Inception, the process of planting an idea inside a person’s mind. Saito wants Cobb to plant the idea of breaking up the empire of his rival corporation inside the inherited son’s mind.
Cobb takes the offer and makes his team taking the best possible crews for his final mission, a Chemist, Yusuf (Dileep Rao), an Architect Ariadne (Ellen Page), a Forger Eames (Tom Hardy), Arthur and  Cobb himself. Satio also joins the crew to make sure everything goes accordingly. Their plan was to drug Fischer (Cillian Murphy), the inheritor of Satio’s competitor with an extremely powerful sedative, in a 10 hour long flight to Los Angeles and enter his dream (Stage 1) and then entering into Arthur’s dream (Stage 2) and finally Eames’s dream (Stage 3). This might sound crazy, you’ll need to watch the film to understand the concept of dreams within dream. However their plan fails as Saito gets killed and the projection of Mal again stands in their way and kills Fischer.
Normally when one dies in a dream, he wakes up. But with that high amount of sedative, they won’t be able to wake up and they’ll drop straight into limbo, unconstructed time space. Cobb and Ariadne goes to limbo to fetch Fischer from there and we see Mal there too. Mal asks Cobb to stay there with her and she will tell where Fischer is. Cobb says he can’t stay there because she was just a shade of his real wife. Mal stabs Cobb with a knife and Ariadne shoot Mal. Ariadne brings Fischer to the 3rd stage ( Eames’s dream) where they successfully plants the idea that he needs to destroy his father’s corporation in
Fischer’s mind. They all come to the first stage by kicks and wakes up eventually except Cobb and Saito. Truly this was the most exciting part of the movie. Every scene is so brilliantly done that it will make you wonder which one’s reality and which one’s dream. 
Cobb stayed in the limbo because he wanted to bring Saito back as he died in Eames’s dream. There we see Saito has become old as many years have passed but Cobb didn’t age a bit. I guess the laws of limbo are very complex. Cobb finally convinces him to come back to the real world where they can be young again and with the help of the 3 kicks, they finally jump back to stage one and wake up from their dreams. Their mission was successful as Fischer decides to break up his father’s empire and be his own man. Saito honors the deal with Cobb as he makes some phone calls to clear Cobb’s slate.
Finally we see Cobb returning to his children after all these times. Here the movie ended with a twist. In the final scene we see Cobb spinning the top, a totem which shows if a person was dreaming or not. Generally in dreams the spinning top does not stop, it keeps spinning. But when he’s in real world, it stops. We see Cobb spinning the top and not looking back to it as he goes outside to his children, but we see that it kept spinning and the movie ended there.
The ending might leave you confused, wondering if the whole movie was just another dream of Cobb. A lot of confusions and theories have arisen since then regarding the reason of not showing whether the spinning top kept spinning or not. Well the film argues that in the face of uncertainty, one must take a leap of faith. This leap of faith is the reason why Cobb doesn’t stay to see if the top stops spinning,
whereas before he would obsess over it even with a gun in his hand. He no longer cares what’s real. The brilliant thing about this movie is it accepts the idea that Cobb isn’t in reality in the end (even though he is). For me there’s no logical reason to believe that he’s still dreaming. Because if he didn’t spin the top and went outside to his children, we wouldn’t wonder if this was still a dream.
This is the best thing about Inception. Nolan pulled off somewhat of an inception on the audience, just the way Cobb pulled off on his wife. Inception is truly another masterpiece of Christopher Nolan. To me it’s the best movie right after Nolan’s “The Dark Knight”. This movie has an Imdb rating of 8.8/10 but I’d personally give it a 10/10.  It’s one of those few movies out there that deserves a 10/10 rating. Definitely I am going to recommended you to watch this movie if you still haven’t watch this. Stay tuned with me to get all the updates on your favorite movies and TV shows
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