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Everything You Need to Know about Modest Fashion


Everything You Need to Know about Modest Fashion

Everything You Need to Know about Modest Fashion

Modest fashion is everywhere and on the rise. It has been gaining a momentum of its own following various mediums of social media. Covered looks are becoming popular among young Muslim girls who are willing to experiment with different trends to express themselves, while still respecting their religion and tradition. But before we get into the basics of modest fashion, it is necessary to know what modest fashion is.

Over the years there have been arguments and misconceptions about what accounts for modest fashion and how it’s affecting style-conscious women. Some people believe that modesty is all about dull and boring attires. But it is so much more than that now. Colours, prints, layers, any kind of style that resonates with the wearer. Generally speaking, it means looking stylish while remaining relatively covered. For many, modest fashion is a personal choice that can also simply mean wearing more traditional styles. People may have different takes on modest fashion, as long as it does not involve flashing too much skin.

The term “modest fashion” came into being in the mid-2000s because of a number of international brands that first started up, came from creative entrepreneurs who themselves were religiously motivated to start something new. And slowly the internet and social media made it possible for different individuals to start providing the contents and products they were missing. Because of this, the international mainstream fashion industry is taking notice of it now, even though women from many religions and backgrounds have chosen to cover up for a long time, whether doing so was labeled “modest” or not. The response towards modest fashion is huge in the fashion scene now and this proves that how much this wants to be catered to. Today modest street style is also coming into the limelight and being visibly noticed due to fashion weeks and high-end modest fashion events like London Modest Fashion, Singapore Modest Fashion Week etc. Brands are proudly releasing designs and collections that people of any religion can wear in style. A few names of the renowned international brands being associated with modest fashion are Dolce and Gabbana, H&M, Uniqlo and many other booming modest fashion services and websites.

Modest fashion is not just limited to the international fashion scene. It has slowly but surely entered our country’s fashion industry too. Many Bangladeshi fashion stores and designers have dedicated themselves to incorporate modesty into their collections. Tahoor, Scicosso are the best brands you can turn to. Besides these two, they are innumerable other brands and online stores that are catering to our women’s modest fashion needs by introducing unique types of abayas, maxi dresses, hijabs, tops, skirts etc.

Since social media plays a big role in the rise of modest fashion, there are many modest fashionistas who have been playing their respective roles in influencing people. Modest fashion bloggers are leading the way in giving young women a voice and a platform to express themselves while upholding their religion. So the question is who should you follow for your preferred style inspiration? Here are the names of some of the top modest fashion bloggers who are changing and setting the trends.


Amena Khan, Dina Tokio, Heba Jay, Firaa Assagaf, Nabiiila, Ruba Zai, Melanie Elturk, Habiba da Silva, Hannan Tehaili are only a few of the many fashion influencers you can take inspiration from. But besides them, we have our very own modest fashion bloggers. Mumtahana Elahi aka Abayaholic and Aydha Mehnaz or Minazification are two talented Bangladeshi modest fashion bloggers who are creating their own trend and style to influence the modest fashion scene in our country. They are not only breaking fashion stereotypes in Bangladesh, but they’re also representing our country on an international ground. Be sure to check out their blogs to know more about their fashion statements.

Modest fashion is a hotly debated topic with many sides to the story. But the way our women interpret it is the main thing. Modest fashion can be empowering for many women out there who want to feel confident about themselves. We hope to see this sector diversify and expand in the near future, and not be just a label in our fashion industry. Above all, it should be remembered that modesty is not just about covering yourself, it’s also about your behavior and how you carry yourself.

Salwa Khair


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