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Common Hijabi Struggles


Common Hijabi Struggles

Many of us love our hijab and everything that comes with it. Some artfully twist and turn their hijabs to make them look picture perfect. But no hijabi can deny the struggle that comes with wearing a hijab. The non-hijabis may envy the hijabis for never having to go through a bad hair day. But trust me a true bad hijab day is known to each and every hijabi. Here are some daily hijabi struggles that are absolutely unavoidable.

The Wet Hair Problem

Every hair wash session is a gamble for a hijabi. They either wash their hair at night before bed or wake up super early to wash it in the morning. But personally I always wake up late every morning, and the end result is damp hair under my hijab and extreme discomfort. Sometimes I skip washing my hair that day and leave it for later, which is probably not a good thing to do.

Lost Pins

“I got 99 hijab pins, and I can’t find one.” We don’t know where these pins go. Even if they are kept in a proper place,you’re most likely to lose them. And we ALWAYS seem to run out off enough pins.

Getting Stabbed Every time

Hijabs are tied down together by hijab pins. Loads and loads of pins. And we all know what happens each time you try to pin down your hijab. No matter how safe you think your hijab pins are, you’ve probably poked yourself with them more then you can count. But if you have mastered the art of rocking a no pin hijab style without any difficulty, then I salute you girl!

Bad Hijab Day

Wearing a hijab may seem like you’re done with bad hair days. But you couldn’t be more wrong. You can get away with a bad hairstyle underneath your hijab, there are days when you just can’t seem to do your hijab properly. On a bad hijab day, it will literally take you hours to wear your hijab and find a perfect one to wear with your outfit. None of those YouTube tutorials you watched will come in handy at that moment.

New Haircut?

Every couple of months, hijabis face this dilemma; should we or should we not get that trendy haircut? Because at the end of the day no can see your flawless new hair anyway.

Finding Food in your Hijab

This happens to every single hijabi without any fail. Every time you eat some sort of food,your hijab seems to attract all the food crumbs. Your hijab turns into some sort of a “hijab bib”. It could be hours before you’re surprised to find remains of your lunch or breakfast stuck in the depths of your hijab.

Wearing The Same Hijab

If you’re a hijabi, chances are you’ve got a huge collection of scarves. You like to buy pretty new hijabs every time you see one. But despite the fact that your hijab collection might come tumbling down each time you open your closet, you probably end up wearing the same 3/4 scarves all the time. These scarves seem to go with everything and are your favorite. But you still continue buying more to enrich your collection.

See-through or Really Small Hijabs

Sometimes you don’t have anything to go with your dress and have to wear that see-through hijab or that really small hijab that you have always dreaded wearing. These types tend to be really slippery and are difficult to place as a hijab. So it’s natural that your neck is showing from somewhere or your hair has slipped out from under.

Emergency Hijabs

This something that you put on your head when your actual hijab is nowhere to be found and you have to cover up immediately. For example it could be a towel, a shirt or a blanket or essentially anything you can improvise when you’re caught hijab-less are in instant panic.

Misplaced Hijab Cap

If you’re wearing a hijab cap, this is most likely to happen. Tugging at your hijab cap every now and then to keep your hair in is the worst thing ever.

Annoying Mirror Moment

That annoying moment​ when you look into a mirror and realize that your hijab is totally messed even after you put all that effort to wear it flawlessly. And you start doubting Salwa Khair all your friends who saw you and didn’t bother to tell you how bad you actually looked.

Harsh Windy Day

A windy day is the worst for a hijabi. You literally have to hold on to your hijab to stop it from becoming ruined. And there are days when you will laugh too hard and feel your hijab unravel slowly.

Daily Tan Line Struggle

There is nothing as bad as having hijab tan lines or the daily struggle to put your earphones.

The struggle is real and never ending folks! Here are the most common struggles I face everyday. Let me know what’s yours.

Salwa Khair

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