Bangladesh Railways is one of the largest government institute in Bangladesh. It has a total length of 2,855 route km. Out of which 660 km is made of broad gauge track (mostly in the western region), 1,830 km made of meter gauge track (mostly in the central and eastern regions) and 365 km of dual gauge track. Bangladesh Railway operates 90 inter-city trains (up & down), 52 mail or express trains, 64 commuter trains (DEMU), 135 shuttle or local trains and 2 international services. It carries over 65 million passengers every year as it is the principal mode of travel in Bangladesh which is growing every year with increasing population. 

It is projected that in the next few decades Bangladesh railway will grow significantly and be more relevant than ever before. NGGL hopes to maintain its partnership and support Bangladesh railways over the coming decades/years. NGGL has been working and collaborating with Bangladesh Railways from 2014 and Railway Industry has been a key focus for NGGL in the recent years. 

NGGL has established great relations with many notable foreign companies involved in the Railway Industry. Through our foreign partners and expert team, NGGL is experienced and fully equipped to provide complete solutions and support in all areas pertaining to Train and Railway industry.

 Automatic Train Washing Plant – Installation of 1 (one) Broad Gauge & 1 (one) Meter Gauge automatic Train Washing Plant at Dhaka & Rajshahi.

 Railway Rolling Stock Operation Improvement Projects:
           BG Diesel Electric Locomotives.
           Luggage Vans: Meter Gauge (MG) & Broad Gauge (BG).
           Meter Gauge – Bogie Vans and BKC Wagon, Bogie covered & Open Wagons, Bogie Brake Van;
           Broad Gauge – Covered & Open Wagon & Bogie Brake Van.
           Procurement of BG Diesel Electric Multiple Unit (DEMU) Commuter train.

 Track Laying
           Construction of New Dual Gauge Rail Line
           Construction of BG Double Track
           Construction of Hi-Speed Double Tracks
           Conversion of BG & MG Dual Gauge

 Replacement & Modernization of Railway Signaling and interlocking system.
 Engineering Workshop and assistance
 Engine/Spares Parts
 Modernization of Locomotive Workshop.
 Consultancy and Logistic support
 Traction Motors 

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