The Bangladesh Armed Forces consists of the three uniformed military services:
The Bangladesh Army
 The Bangladesh Navy and
 The Bangladesh Air Force.

The para-military organization Bangladesh National Cadet Corps (BNCC) is a reserved force and directed by Army, Navy, Air Force. It is under the command of Defense Ministry.

 Border Guard Bangladesh (formerly Bangladesh Rifles)
 Bangladesh Coast Guard
are under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Home Affairs during peacetime, but during wartime they fall under the command of Bangladesh Army and Bangladesh Navy respectively.

 Bangladesh Police Rapid Action Battalion : is an elite anti-crime and anti-terrorism unit of the Bangladesh Police. It consists of members of the Bangladesh Police, Bangladesh Army, Bangladesh Navy, Bangladesh Air Force, Border Guard Bangladesh and Bangladesh Ansar. 

 SWAT : “Special Weapons And Tactics” is an elite tactical unit of the Dhaka Metropolitan Police, Bangladesh. They operate under the Detective Branch of DMP.

 and many armed and non-armed branches under Bangladesh Police

The civil forces in Bangladesh to maintain the law & order during peacetime and national crises are:
 Bangladesh Ansar
 Village Defense Party (VDP)

 President Guard Regiment (PGR) – Bangabhaban (Presidents Office)
 Special Security Force (SSF) – Prime Ministers Office
 Para-Commando Brigade (The Cheetahs) – Under Command AHQ, Dhaka, Bangladesh Army
 Special Warfare Diving And Salvage (SWADS) – Bangladesh Navy
 41 squadron airborne – Bangladesh Air Force

NGGL has participated in many contracts and projects involving supply and maintenance of engineering equipment, technical & tactical machinery in the defense sector in Bangladesh.

 Bangladesh Army
 Bangladesh Navy
 Bangladesh Air force
 Rapid Action Battalion (RAB)
 Coast Guard and
 many other Organizations under Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Home Affairs.

Our Principals (OEM & OEM Authorized Distributors and Service Providers) are capable of providing various quality products and services of MIL-specs, Standard-specs and related services those encompass the following and many others.

 Manned Aircraft – Fixed & Rotary-based, having wide variants
 Combat Marine Platforms
 UAV, Drone, Anti-drone, etc.
 Specialized Combat Vehicles
 Armament & Weapons Systems
 Systems for Gunnery Missions
 Tactical Communication Networks
 Missiles and Missiles-based defense systems
 Radars for deployment on Land, in Air & at Sea
 Other Numerous Military Hardware, Electronics & Supplies of multiple various ranges and missions. Those may be for Logistics, Operational Missions & others, and these may include the following as well:
      Advanced Electronics
      Directed Energy
      Health Sector Applications
      Advanced Aspects of Military Aviation
      Naval Systems
      Navigation Systems
      Systems for Strike Missions
      Automation System and C4I

 GCA Radars
 Radars for Survey Works & Other Applications
 Support & Services for Combat Marine Platforms
 Multi-Tasks Equipment & Support Systems

 Flight Safety Equipment
 Security Equipment & Devices
 Workshop Safety Gears
 Fire Fighting Equipment & Safety Gears

 Aircraft Parts & Components
 Aircraft Maintenance Services
 Aircraft Ground Support Equipment (GSE)
 Aviation & General Service Tools
 Avionics & Navigation Equipment
 Ground Communication Equipment
 Arms, Ammunitions & Related Support
 PAD Items
 Automobile Maintenance Equipment & Tools
 Aircraft-on-Ground (AOG) supports
 Aircraft Major Maintenance & Periodic Inspection & Checks
 Component Services Program (CSP)
 Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) and Engine Maintenance
 Landing Gear Maintenance
 Aircraft Tire Supply
 Supply of Aircraft Chemical, Paints & Others Consumable items
 Aircraft Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) of Aircraft Components
 Other Equipment and Maintenance Services

NGGL and its Principals (OEM and Authorized Distributors) undertake responsibility to provide complete aircraft and aircraft ground support equipment to the defense aviation sector in Bangladesh. NGGL represents numerous GSE manufacturers & distributors around the world, and capable to successfully establish their products in Bangladesh defense and related aviation platforms like Bangladesh Armed Forces, Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) & Bangladesh Police.

The concerned products are as below:
 Ground Power Unit
 Frequency Converter
 Fuel Bowser
 Air Start Unit
 Air Condition Unit
 Boom Loader
 Aircraft Push Back Tow Tractor
 All type of Ground Support Equipment, Spare Parts & GSE Tires

NGGL and its Principal (OEM and their sister concern) undertake responsibility to provide complete solution for tools and related equipment for all categories of end-users, be it for aviation, automotive, industrial or any other need. We are very strong in supplying and ensuring necessary after sales services for all end-users inclusive of Bangladesh defense and related aviation platforms and other needs for Bangladesh Armed Forces, RAB, BGB, Police and others. These products and services include but not limited to the following:

 Aviation General Tools
 Specialized Tools for Aviation & other Industries
 Automobile Tools
 Riveting Tools & Rivets
 Diagnostic & Measuring Tools
 Safety Tools & Safety Gears
 Workshop Tools
 Torque Tools, Power Tools, Hand Tools, Drive Tools, etc.
 Master Tools Sets
 Tool Storage Facilities
 Automated Tool Control Systems
 Workshop Equipment for Automobile Maintenance
 Calibration Facilities for Tools & Equipment for Aviation & other Sectors

In NGGL, we provide complete after-sales service and maintenance support of all equipment we provide. We also provide all kinds of avionics equipment and their repair support. We procure and supply all sorts of spare parts, repair kits, etc. as necessary for optimum operability of concerned equipment and systems.

Our team is dedicated to provide full support before, during and after contract agreement is completed. We are augmenting our span of business cooperation, and expect to have enhanced involvement in regular business operations in defense sector. 

We appreciate all the brave men and women serving and fighting for our country in the defense sector and other risky professional fields. We owe our safety and security to these courageous personnel. Their sacrifice, dedication and commitment for this country should be highly commended and appreciated. We are proud to support and assist the heroes who protect our country with their life and full dedication. 

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