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5 Easy Tips to Dress like a Gentleman


5 Easy Tips to Dress like a Gentleman

5 Easy Tips to Dress like a Gentleman

Who is a gentleman and how do we define him? The term gentleman refers to a man with good and courteous behavior. A gentleman has always been respected in any society. A gentleman is known to express his confidence with his bold dressing sense. He has a very good sense of style and fashion according to any event or situation. A gentleman has always been a symbol for a well-dressed man. But the question is can we all be gentlemen or do we need some sort of miracle to be one? The answer- Being a gentleman is a choice, a lifestyle. If you wish, you can easily own it by learning about a Gentleman’s Fashion and Lifestyle. So in this article, I am going to provide you with 5 simple fashion tips to upgrade your lifestyle as a gentleman.

Try to stop wearing fancy clothes

When you are taking a journey to lead the lifestyle of a gentleman, you must avoid fancy colored or designed clothes.

Invest in quality shoes and belts

The most important thing every gentleman must maintain is his belt and shoes. Try to wear a brown colored belt with a brown colored shoe, and a black colored belt with a black colored shoe. So try to collect quality shoes and belts. You don’t need an abundance of bad leathered shoes and belts. When buying any shoe or belt, try investing in its quality on your budget.

Maintaining a bunch of subtle accessories

A gentleman is never out without a handkerchief and he never stops amusing us by combining different accessories with his outfit. You can buy a quality bow tie or even a scarf to match with your attire. You may also use a shade or even a card holder.

Proper Grooming

A gentleman is always properly groomed whether he is keeping a beard or doing a clean shaved look. He always tries to keep a decent haircut rather than trying different haircuts. You should always be properly groomed. For example, if you have a patchy beard, it’s better to get a clean shave. Again try to avoid fancy haircuts as it doesn’t fit your lifestyle.

Maintaining an individual color palette of clothes.

Whether you are wearing a shoe, or a shirt, or even getting casual, try to maintain an individual color palette for your outfit. It may be royal blue, navy blue, gray, green, bamboo color, or even lighter colors like white, cream color, etc.

So here are the 5 easy and simple ways you can upgrade your fashion to the next level. Living the gentleman’s life is always of pride. Therefore, we should all start owning it from today or tomorrow. There will be more upcoming articles on Gentleman’s Lifestyle, Fashion, and Behavior, so stay tuned with TAJWARAH to learn more.

Tajwar Ahmed

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