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10 Ways Cycling Benefits Your Life


10 Ways Cycling Benefits Your Life

10 Ways Cycling Benefits Your Life

To Change Overall Body Outlook

If you’re concerned about how you look, then cycling is almost the perfect way to make sure you do look good. Unlike other foodies, if you keep on pedaling, your body will be in shape in no time. Kill obesity before it kills you.

To Kill the Traffic

Do you want to reach a place sooner investing little time? Then a cycle is your best option to commute to that place. Places where even motorbikes get stuck in traffic, cycles can make their way out easily. You can say cycles are ‘Traffic Resistant’.

To Avoid Pollution

We all know about the condition of countries like Bangladesh regarding pollution. You obviously would want to save yourself from that right? In many cities and countries even in Rajshahi, Bangladesh there are separate bicycle lanes that help you stay away from carbon pollution on road. This will save your skin and most importantly your lungs. Even if there’s not a separate lane, would you want to contribute to this increasing pollution? Cycling is one of the greenest ways to stay away from pollution.

Exploring New Zones:

Caught up in traffic? Take a shortcut and there you now know a new route to your destination. If you like to explore new areas, just take a cycle ride there. Take help from Google Maps. In this way, you will save time, save yourself from pollution and also get to discover many new places in your city.

To Live Longer Life

Everyone wants to live longer but polluted places do actually reduce your time on earth. It is found in surveys that among identical twins, the one who took three 45-minute rides a week look biologically younger after nine years. How amazing is that? Be young & live long.

Take a Tour around your country

There are thousands of roads just waiting for you to ride on. In recent studies, it has been found that journeys containing cycling are more enjoyed as you get to go to places easily where walking is tough and other transports cannot reach. Cycling is one of the trendiest ways for you to move around and explore the world.

Promote National Awareness events

Get along with the trend and promote your events with a cycle rally or cycle rides. It’s a great way to promote events nowadays.

Boost your Bowels:

Constipation is the most talked motion problem nowadays, not only in Bangladesh but also around the world. Again, cycling is the solution to this problem. Since cycling is an overall body activity, so according to experts this can help you get rid of constipation because body activities help to decrease the time of food passing through the large intestine.

To Get a better sex life

Being more physically active improves your vascular health, which has a knock-on effect of boosting your sex drive. From a research carried out by Harvard University those who cycle for at least three hours a week have 30 percent lower risk of impotence. So, get on with your sex drive!

Eat better, Work Better

In surveys, it is found that cycling helps to regain your lost appetite of food. In surveys, it has been also found that employees in an office who cycle to their workplaces, work better during their work time. You can eat more now, be healthy, look young, work more efficiently & mostly be happy with your contribution towards earth.

Do you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle of your remaining time on earth? Buy yourself a cycle and always remember to wear a helmet. Let’s cycle our way to a healthy life and a green earth.

– Tajwar Mohammed Al-Amin

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