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10 Tips To Build Your Individual Style


10 Tips To Build Your Individual Style

Every men is different and has a different fashion perception. It is really important for you to have your own signature style because it defines your character and even helps to boost your confidence. The goal of this article is to help you make your own personal style decisions. These are top ways you can develop your own style:

1. Don’t copy others. The most common mistake anyone makes is copying​ others. When we see someone looking good,we try to dress like him. Please guys just don’t do this. Each of you are unique and sexy in your own way. What you can do is take a few ideas from others and sync it with yours to make something more charming and appealing.

2. Wear different types of clothes to find out your key attire. Not everyone looks good in the same colored slim fit chinos or similar shirts. Find out in which clothing you look the best.

3. To find the perfect fitting when buying any clothes,make sure you are comfortable when you sit. Because you look a lot slimmer when you are standing.

4. There are some golden rules of wearing any kind of clothing. You can see my article on that for making the perfect attire package for yourself.

5. Take pictures of yourself in any outfit you wear. You can post them to your social media accounts to find out people’s response to your style sense.

6. Let me tell you a secret. The base or root of your getup is the perfect shoes. Shoes can immediately change the way you appear to people. Imagine yourself wearing a sandal with your suit to a wedding.

7. Always have faith in yourself. You all are unique. And you all are perfect. Because the Creator made you perfect. Be happy and proud of the person you are.

8. There will always be people who will talk about your mistakes. Just don’t pay any heed to them and do what you feel is best.

9. Proper grooming is a style itself. Grooming is your own personal perspective. I am not telling you to copy how others groom. Just create a grooming style yourself by following different techniques.

10. Staying fit is also an essential for developing your style. So be fit and be strong.

Here are the 10 tips for finding your style and improvising it. Don’t forget to share it to let your friend build or develop their own style. Be TAJWARAH to find out the charming qualities hidden in you.


Tajwar Ahmed

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